Deep Learning using 3D CAD Models

Designing Data with Deep Data Engine

We provide solutions based on 3D CAD models that reduce the high effort of training data acquisition, preparation, and developing deep learning models.

Building your AI application with our off-the-shelf solutions

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Data Generation & Training

Effecient and scalable solutions for training DCNN models using high quality synthetic images from your CAD models.

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Object Localization & Detection

Advanced convolution neural networks to localize and detect objects on images.

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State Analysis & Reporting

Provide insgihts and statistics about the status of real-world objects of your digital-twin (3D CAD models).

Deep Data Engine

Data Generation and Annotation

Optimized and high-quality training data

Pre-optimized Deep Learning Models

Having trouble developing your deep learning models for custom object detection. Quickly get started with our pre-optimized models using synthetic training data.


Monitor, validate, update and deploy deep learning models and datasets in an all-in-one dashboard.

VR/AR Ready

Want to integrate our solution in your AR/VR workflow? Or, want insights on how the users interact with the real-twin of your CAD model? We build on and for mixed-reality.

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Easy-to-use Web Interface

Having special requirements on data generation? No problem! Our data generation flexibility allows you deep customization. You will easily change the settings to suit your needs.


No more headaches when adding new data categories or large amount of training data. Our solution is highly scalable for your needs.

Highly Extensible

Our solutions can be easily extended to different use cases.

Plugins for CAD Apps

Seamlessly work with CAD software.

We solve specific problems for your industry

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Civil Engineering & Construction

With images taken by drones, our AI solution can automatically monitor construction progress, detect anomalies, etc.

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We help you to create AI problem-solving application for autonomous systems. We support capturing training data in VR/AR, training deep learning models, etc.

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Oil & Gas

We apply cutting-edge AI and AR technologies to support various use cases such as asset tracking and facility maintenance.

About Vypno

Strong Expertise

We have strong expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Computer Vision.

Research-driven Development

We enjoy solving challenging problems. We develop effective and high-quality solutions in a research-driven manner.

Cutting-edge Technologies

We are well aware of cutting-edge and emerging technologies and apply them to help our customers in problem-solving.

Core Team

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Maximilian Jakasovic

CEO & Co-Founder

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Dr .Nitesh Narayan

CTO & Co-Founder

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Dr. Yang Li

CSO & Co-Founder



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